Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Would You Read It Wednesday - #77-find it today!

     Hi folks. I’m not going to give you a long post today. Instead, I’m going to ask you to stop by Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog tomorrow.

     First she is an amazing writer and her blog is chock full of useful information. If you haven’t stopped by already—you should. If you missed celebrating Ground Hog's Day with her character, Phyllis, you should mark your calendar for April Fool's Day. No kidding.

     And—drum roll please—tomorrow you have the chance to critique my pitch.
     Now if you’re wondering why my pitch is on Susanna’s blog when she isn’t an editor or an agent, here’s why. Every Wednesday, Susanna holds “Would You Read It Wednesday.” On these days, she posts a pitch with a request for feedback. From reading her posts, I’ve realized that I learn as much from reading other people’s pitches and analyzing them as I do from writing my own. Then Susanna made a call for more pitches. She was running out! So, I gathered my courage and sent something in. Look for it tomorrow (if it's already tomorrow, you can click here. Otherwise, you have to wait!)
     Thanks to Susanna for having me on her blog.
     Thank you for going to check it out. I'll be lurking on her blog, waiting to respond to comments there.

     See you on Friday for my next Perfect Picture Book pick (yeah, Susanna hosts that, too!)

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