Friday, October 2, 2020

Fall Writing Frenzy - Ghouls will be Ghouls by Wendy Greenley


 I realize I haven't posted in some time. The pandemic has slowed time for me, but unfortunately not for the rest of the world! I've hesitated to go into the public library since March which for a huge reader like me has been hard. But I don't want to be the one who brings covid germs to older relatives, and so I've been waiting. I think I've reread every book on my shelves. I hope to get back to posting picture book reviews soon.


Kaitlyn Sanchez and Lydia Lukidis are hosting a fun writing contest. Challenged to write a short story (under 200 words) inspired by one of their posted photos, I penned the following. I hope you enjoy it! The photo that inspired the story is posted below.


Ghouls will be Ghouls by Wendy Greenley               193 words

“Coming out to sweep the porch?”

I shouldn’t tease my sister. I know it isn’t nice.

But her costume looks more Cinderella than scary witch.

“Sorry. I couldn’t help myself,” I apologize.

“You think yours is better?” She smiles and taps me with her wand.

All forgiven, I look down.

Where’s my cocoa?

Whose socks are these?

Whose feet are these?!

My hands find their way down a strange sports uniform, down strange legs, to large sturdy ankles.

Where are my superhero boots?

Is this me?

Aaarrrggghhh! “Anna! Wait! Come back!”

She waves from the curb and joins her friends.

Shareen and her dad come up the walk. “Where’s Tarah?” she asks.

I’m dumbstruck. She doesn’t recognize me.

I need a mirror!

“She isn’t feeling well,” I mumble to disguise my voice, and bolt inside.

My brain is inside a football player’s body.

Or maybe, my body is—this—now?

Either way, Shareen will have to trick or treat without me while I wait for Anna’s spell to wear off.

It will wear off, won’t it?

Her costume was better than I thought.

I shouldn’t tease my sister!

I really am sorry, now.


Thanks for visiting! I'd love to know what you think of my ghoulish tale. 😱

I look forward to visiting your sites in the upcoming days to read your stories! Fall FUN!

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