Sunday, June 9, 2024

Bird Rehearsal by Jonah Winter, illustrated by Stacy Innerst


A quick take on a new release!

The prolific award-winning author Jonah Winter Jonah Winter is back with a look at the birds in his Pittsburgh neighborhood. BIRD REHEARSAL is a nod to the variety of birdsongs. Some of the words used to mimic the featured bird’s song didn’t ring true for me—but I know that bird species have multiple songs and the Philadelphia flock may tweet in a different accent! Structured over the course of a day, the illustrations by Stacy Innerst are what I found most compelling. The vivid colors and chaotic composition mirrored the noisy cacophony I hear in our yard. I was a bit surprised to see the barnyard chicken included in the grouping – until I recently visited Kauai and the chickens were everywhere! I wish I hadn't seen the bred in the illustration by the duck pond that might encourage families to continue feeding inappropriate foods.

Summary: Kids will flock outside to practice their bird calls!

Bird Rehearsal, published by Cameron Kids, released May 14, 2024.

This review is based on a copy provided by the publisher.

Themes: Birds, musicality

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