Friday, December 8, 2023

In The Palm of My Hand written by Jennifer Raudenbush, illustrated by Isabella Conti

 Today I'm pleased to share a beautiful book by a fellow Pennsylvania writer!

Title: In The Palm of My Hand

Publisher: Running Press, 2023

Author: Jennifer Raudenbush

Illustrator: Isabella Conti    

Opening Line: "In the palm of my hand, I hold an acorn, small and round."

What I like about this book: Keeping with the theme of this book, its simple text contains big emotions. Kids can recognize the possibilities in nature, and in themselves. It is a short "quiet" read suitable for bedtime or for generating conversation.

The Editorial staff description of this book is apt. "By exploring nature’s tiniest details, they (a child)  learn even small things, including them, contain infinite potential."


  •  Take a walk in nature and look for some of the "characters" in the book
  • Ask a child what they want to be as they grow up. How do they think they will change? Will they grow tall like a tree? Metamorphoses like a caterpillar?
  • Have a child collect their favorite items that fit in the palm of their hand and tell you why they they chose them.

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