Wednesday, April 7, 2021


For those of you who are wondering where the posts went--- I had the draft of a post ready to go in January. Then, my mom passed away two days before the end of 2020. I didn't want to celebrate the new year, or anything else. 

Those of you who use my blog to help find book suggestions, here are a few links to other blogs I personally refer to that have helped to get the word out about fantastic new picture books while I was on hiatus.

Susanna Leonard Hill's Perfect Picture Books:

Kirsten W. Larson's Books for Curious Readers on IG and Youtube:

 John Schu: Books. Connect. Read.

The Brown Bookshelf :

 I haven't been totally absent from the writing world. I've been drafting and writing shorter pieces. Some for "work" and some just for my own fun. Amanda Davis' #haikufromtwo Storystorm challenge is one example of the fun writing. (Select two words at random from a book you just finished and write a haiku--it doesn't have to have anything to do with the book). Today was my sixth haiku post for IG (PAPBwriter):

#HaikufromTwo #6 by Wendy Greenley

Two random words from Disappear Doppelgänger Disappear by

Matt Salesses

Writing Exercise inspired by amandadavis_art #Storystorm


Trouble and Troubling

Startling words selected

Karma, Fate or luck

 I'm also part of a panel discussion this weekend. The book festival is FREE, so register now:

 Hopefully, I'll be back to the regular picture book review posts soon. Meanwhile, I wish everyone a belated Happy New Year.

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