Friday, May 1, 2020

YOU ARE NEW by Lucy Knisley

Title: YOU ARE NEW                               

Author/Illustrator: Lucy Knisley

Publisher: Chronicle, 2019
Intended Ages: 4-8 (I would say 2+)
Themes: Beginnings, Love

Opening Line (s): "HELLO, YOU! YOU ARE NEW.

 Synopsis: A slice of life look at the arrival of new babies, and all of the new situations they encounter and new skills they achieve.

 What I like About this book: While this is a perfect book for expectant parents, it's also a good read aloud for the toddlers that will recognize themselves in the illustrations and a reminder to children as they grow older that everyone is dealing with new things all the time. Even adults! The text is printed in big block letters with rhyme, repetition and simple illustrations, making it a good candidate for new readers.

  •  Do something new! Can't leave your house because of COVID-19? Do something new at home. HGTV had a good list of activities for parents and kids recently. It made me want to make my own paper! Maybe look in the back of the pantry for something that needs to be eaten and try a Chopped style family cookoff. Be new!
I hope you enjoy this book. Happy reading!

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  1. What a sweet book! I just went to Amazon and added it to my wishlist. Perfect for my great granddaughter's first birthday this summer. Thanks. I love it!

    1. It is sweet. It's simple and nonjudgmental and just made me smile.

  2. Fun choice and a great suggested activities. Thanks for introducing me to it.

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