Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Embracing Kitchen Creativity

     I would like to say that every day is an explosion of new ideas at the keyboard.
     I would like to say that, but I can't. Some days it feels like the right ideas, or the words to express those ideas, are written in an ancient language that scholars have yet to translate. I know myself, and I know that sitting BIC isn't going to help. I need to do something else that will shift my mind into a different gear.
     Today, the "something else" was making cookies. The oven kept the kitchen toasty on a dreary almost- winter day. I am ready to go back to work. And my neighbors will have yummy holiday treats! I'd say this is a winning solution for everyone.

Wishing you all the best as 2013 draws to a close. I hope you can follow your own creative impulses wherever they take you.


  1. Yum! The first one looks great! Now I need to go raid the cookie jar! :)

  2. Baking cookies is a great way to get creative juices going, IMO! :)

    1. How about eating cookies?? We've been doing a lot of that post-baking.