Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Liebster Award - My turn!

 About a week ago, I was nominated by Sue Frye for --drum roll, please:
 The Liebster Award. 

Okay, hold the applause. The beautiful Liebster award is given to blogs with under 200 followers. In accepting this award, I am now obligated to answer 10 questions of Sue's choosing, and then ask/beg 5-10 other people to answer my similarly worded questions.  
But seriously, it's a fast, easy way for bloggers to connect with each other. And there is no time limit. If you want to participate, you get to it when you can.  So now, here are my answers!
·         1.  Who are your favorite published authors? William Steig, Lois Lowry, Robert Heinlein, Mo Willems, Oliver Jeffers and Dr. Seuss. (I had to stop myself---thinking about the books I love gets my heart racing!)

·         2.  Name three of your favorite picture book titles: Doctor Desoto, Harry the Dirty Dog, Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs.

·         3.  Write like a . . . ? Honey badger. Except one with manners who could write for kids. :)

·         4.  If you could write a winning book tomorrow, what genre would it be? 
           Picture book or middle grade. I'll take the awards for either!

·         5.  What do you do while waiting to write?
          Like good tea, I let my ideas steep. When it isn't about writing I'm probably outside in jeans doing
          something that involves getting dirty.

·         6.  If you could write like anyone, who would you write like?
          I want to write like ME! But for prolific production, Debbie Dadey, Donna Jo Napoli and Joyce     
          Carol Oates are good role models.

·         7.  Hot or cold?
           Hot tea, hot cocoa, warm apple pie with COLD ice cream.

·         8.  Sweet or sour?
          All sweet.

·         9.  Your fuel for thought.
           Green tea with lemon (I'm beginning to see a pattern. . .)

·         10.What sparks your creativity?
          Off-hand comments, stories in the newspaper. Go outside and get dirty then take a hot shower and let it all steep. 

NOW, I'm supposed to tag other bloggers and ask them 10 questions similar to these. Let's go worldwide and extend to new genres. Here goes!
Deborah Holt Williams:
Jacque Duffy:
Your questions:
1.  If you go go anywhere to research your next book, where would that be?
2. List three books that made you laugh or cry:
3. Dresses or slacks?
4.  Favorite book from childhood?
5. "I get my best writing done___________"
6. Your writing goal for the next month is_________"
7. Share a tidbit of writing advice.
8. What fuels your writing?
9. What did you think you would be when you were growing up?
10. Why did you decide to become a writer?
That's it! If I tagged you and you want to participate:
 1) copy and paste these questions into your blog
2) link back to mine and 
3) tag five or more bloggers for the next round with 10 questions of your own (previously used questions are acceptable!). 
Easy peasy right? 
I had fun reading Sue Frye's answers and checking the blogs she linked to (if I wasn't subscribed already :) ) Go meet your fellow bloggers!


  1. Who doesn't love Dr. Seuss? I know my boys sure do! Thanks for picking me. :)

  2. Look forward to reading your answers!

  3. I get my best ideas outside in the dirt too! Fun post Wendy, thanks for the tag.