Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ask the author of The Lost Princess + book giveaway news!

     Next week, I have the pleasure to host my first author interview.
     I am privileged to know the author, and have spoken with her many times. So, rather than just asking MY questions, I thought it would be interesting to whet your appetite this week with a little information about the author, and find out the questions YOU want answered by a children's book expert.
     How do I know she's an expert? The author is no newbie. She has authored or co-authored 158 books and counting!
     Without further introduction, meet Debbie Dadey:

     Debbie Dadey is the author and co-author of 158 books, including The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids series from Scholastic and Mermaid Tales from Simon and Schuster.  
     Her newest book scheduled for a May 7 release date, The Lost Princess, brings ocean ecology and marine life into a fantasy story.  A former first grade teacher and librarian, Dadey lives in Bucks County with her three children, three dogs, and handsome husband.   She loves visiting elementary schools and speaking with groups about writing.  Her passion is helping reluctant readers. You can like Debbie on Facebook here.https://www.facebook.com/debbiedadey.

As part of Debbie's author interview next week, I will be holding a book giveaway for The Lost Princess. 
It gets me all twitchy happy just thinking about it!
     Now the big surprise! You won't find this on Goodreads yet.
    With Debbie's permission I am giving you a sneak peek at the cover for The Lost Princess. This book is the next release in Debbie's "Mermaid Tales" series with Simon & Schuster. 
     Mermaid Tales is a series of chapter books aimed at elementary school readers.  Yes, the cover is shimmery, shiny fun.
     Now don't you want a copy!?

      If you leave a question for Debbie in the comments following this post, I'll forward them to Debbie. Next Tuesday, come back for the answers. Depending on how many questions there are, she may not be able to answer them all, but she will read them all and select from them. This is your chance to ask the author of 158 books anything you want to know about her writing process, books, inspiration....

     C'mon folks! What have you always wanted to know?



  1. How did you approach the agent vs. publisher debate when you first started submitting? Has that changed over time?

  2. What is the key ingredient to holding a chapter book series together?
    Wendy, I hope the answer to this one is chocolate too:)

  3. Awesome you're doing your first interview. It sounds like Debbie will have lots of great advice for us.

  4. Why are chapter books important? Can't kids go right from picture books to middle grade novels?