Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Break

     Today's post isn't about writing per se. 

     It is Spring Break at my house. Everyone is sleeping late and mellow for a week! But I'll treat you to some creativity all the same. My husband likes to build things, too. Just not with words. With wood.

     The last dollhouse he built was a castle. He donated it to the local YMCA for a charity raffle. 

     The current house is a center hall colonial with a beautiful wooden staircase to the second floor (these photos don't do it justice). He hasn't decided what to do with the latest one yet. And yes, he put in crown molding and wooden door frames. The hundreds of wooden roof shingles were cut by hand.

     Our family is nothing if not precise.

     The living room paint is our living room. The yellow kitchen is our kitchen. The bright orangey paint in the bedroom is actually our laundry room. The blue exterior and maroon colors are from other projects (too dark for me!).

     The top tilts up on a child-safe hinge so you can store furniture or figures there. It really is gorgeous and he is so smart!



  1. I adore that doll house!! I wish I or my hubby were skilled with woodworking; I have always wanted a gorgeous little doll house like this. Oh my goodness...crown molding and wooden shingles and door frames! It's enough to make me drool with envy.

    1. Honestly, it looks nicer than our house. We don't have crown molding in every room.