Friday, July 25, 2014

Perfect Picture Book Friday - Bridget's Beret by Tom Lichtenheld

Perfect Picture Book Friday- Bridget’s Beret

Author/Illustrator: Tom Lichtenheld

Publisher: Henry Holt & Company, Christy Ottaviano Books, 2010

Intended for ages 4 and up

Themes: Self-confidence, Artistic expression

Opening: Bridget was drawn to drawing. She liked to draw as much as other kids liked ice cream.

When the beret that Bridget believes gives her artistic talent blows away, Bridget has a crisis in confidence. Throughout the text, Lichtenheld pays homage to a host of famous artists. And in the end, our heroine gets her mojo back.

When the experts say that this book is for ages 4 and up, I’ll endorse the up! It’s a great story for anyone who occasionally suffers from artist’s/writer’s block. Good advice for finding your way back to anything you really love.

Bridget’s Beret is a 40 page picture book, but doesn’t feel over long. It was a 2011 Bank Street – Best Children’s Book of the Year.

I love the bright colors in this book. I have a purple beret in the drawer somewhere--I think it's time to break it out!

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  1. What a clever way to introduce artists to young children. Thanks for this, Wendy!

  2. I really enjoy Lichtenheld's work, and love this idea of Bridget getting her artistic mojo back!

  3. Oh, what an excellent choice! I LOVE this book!!! Such a treasure. Thanks for sharing, Wendy :)

  4. What a cute story and yes clever way to introduce children to artists and building confidence. Loved the cover illustration. Thanks Wendy!

  5. I read this book and liked it a lot. Nice choice.

  6. I've not heard of this before, so thanks for profiling it because I love books, especially picture books, about artists!

  7. I absolutely love Tom Lichtenheld's work. And, this one is a favorite. Great message for kids. Did you watch the YouTube video about the book? It's cute.